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Step 3: Room Types and Room Descriptions

Under 'Room Types' page create all your property room types using 'Add new' button.

Step 1: Enter basic settings such as room type name, accommodation type etc. then SAVE (The 'Restrictions' section can be ignored).

For example: 



Step 2: Add room type images, description and features 

Room images can be added using the 'Photo Library...' button on the top right. Room images that you have used for OTAs such as will be suitable.


Then click the 'Select files...' button to upload images from your computer. The images will automatically be added to the room description so select 'DONE' once you have selected the photos to upload from your computer. 


Enter room description and features the best you can, it does not have to be 100% as long as you feel you have sufficiently described the room. There is a section called 'MetaSearch Inclusions' here, this can be ignored. 

Example of a completed room description: 


Specified Features example (select what is relevant only - it does not have to be complete/100%): 


Select 'SAVE' once done


Step 3: Set bedding capacity, max adults, max children, max infants


Bedding Capacity: Maximum number of people (adults or children) that can sleep in the room. The combination of adults and children in a booking cannot exceed this number. 

Max Adults: Maximum number of adults that can sleep in the room 

Max Children: Maximum number of children that can sleep in the room (usually 1 less than maximum adults/bedding capacity because at least 1 adult is needed)

Max Infants: Max infants allowed, please note infants is not included in bedding capacity

For example: 


Select 'SAVE' once done

NOTE: If you want to edit an existing room types room description you can do so by clicking on the blue 'Describe' button on the right of the room type. 

If you want to edit an existing room types name, accommodation type etc. you can do so by clicking on the blue 'Edit' button on the right of the room type 


Step 4: Set Rate Defaults

Next go into the 'Rate Defaults' tab and set as needed.


Base Rate: Please ignore, all rates will come from your channel manager provider. If you do not have a channel manager please contact for assistance. 

Max Guests at Base Rate: Included occupancy at the base rate 

Extra Adult/Child Rate: If the max guests at base rate is less than the bedding capacity then extra person charges are required 

Extra Infants Req. Cot Rate/Extra Infants Not Req. Cot Rate: Set if you charge extra for infant or cot hire 

Single Rate/Allow Single Rate: Should be 0/blank

For example: 



Select 'SAVE' once done


Proceed to Step 4: Inventory Source (connecting your channel manager for live availability and rates)

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