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Step 4: Inventory Source (connecting your Property Management System or Channel Manager for live availability and rates)

Step 1: Go to the 'Connections' page 

Then 'Configure Your Inventory Source' 


Step 2: Select your Channel Manager and Property Management System (PMS) provider from the dropdown. If both your Channel Manager or PMS provider cannot be found in the dropdown please contact 

Once your Channel Manager and PMS has been selected click 'SAVE'

You will then see (for example): 
Go ahead and 'Create New Connection' with your Channel Manager

You will then see (for example): 


Step 3: Email mapping details to your PMS or Channel Manager so they can connect to the Golden Chain channel (channel name: Webrooms)

The details can be found at (for example): 

Click button 'Compose Email to.....' which should bring up your default email program to email your channel manager the mapping details. If this does not work you can click 'Copy Details to Clipboard' button then 'Paste' the contents into an email to your channel manager provider. Your PMS or channel manager provider should then complete mapping to the Webrooms channel. You can also add the channel and map yourself in your channel manager if you want. 

Once email has been sent to your channel manager go ahead and 'SAVE' 


Step 4: Check we have successfully received availability and rate updates from your PMS Channel Manager 

If we have successfully received updates from your channel manager then the connection below will go from 'Inactive' to 'Good' 

You can select the 'Edit Connection' button shown in screenshot above to see the mapping details again. 

Another way to check if we have successfully received updates is to go to the 'Worksheet' which will show your live availability and rates.  

Please follow up with your channel manager provider to complete the connection if needed.

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