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Testing Online Check in from Test PMS Data

In order to test Online Check in working with Test PMS Data, do the following:

  • Log in to Webrooms
  • Go to Booking History for the property you want to test for
  • Load Booking History in the window Online Check in should be available for (e.g. from tomorrow for a week) using Arrival Date (rathe than the default, Submitted Date)
  • You should see bookings as below:

If there are no bookings there, it is probably because either there is no test data in the PMS, or WebroomsSync has not been installed. WebroomsSync Installation instructions are here.


Choose the booking you wish to use a test check in for, and click view.


Click on the Private Check In Url in the Admin section. This is the same link that, when the system is live, the guest will receive in their email to start the Online Booking Process. These links are secure and individual for each booking; you can send them directly to a non-Admin customer for them to test too.







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