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How to request data and account deletion - Seashells Hospitality Group

If you would like your account and all associated data to be deleted, this can be done via your app.

  1. Log in to your app, or into the web dashboard
  2. On the menu, go to "Profile -> Manage profile", then find "Communication Preferences"
  3. Tap "Request to be forgotten..."
  4. Confirm by answering "Yes, I'm sure. Please forget me."
  5. Tap "Update".

This will notify us of your request and we will action it during business hours.

We will remove:

  • All PII (personally identifiable information) from our platform

We will retain:

  • The fact of the account, logging and all non PII transactional data
  • Your nationality and country of origin
  • Any emails or support tickets you have sent us
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