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How to create or manage deals in Webrooms

Webrooms has a very flexible Deal system, which allows everything from:

  • Discounts on accommodation, particularly subject to multi-night stays
  • Packages that include e.g. event tickets and other extras

These can be:

  • Publicly available with images and content to promote them
  • Accessible only to members of an organisation subject to the guest providing a membership number
  • Discreetly used via Promo codes that only people who know them can use

To create or manage deals in Webrooms, start by logging in to Webrooms and go to the Worksheet tab.


You will see something like the above; click on the deals tab (highlighted). Click on this and you will see the below:


This is the deals area, which allows you to manage existing deals and Add new ones. To add a new one, click Add New Deal:

It is possible to have many different types of deals, and you can create categories for your deals if you need them. The first part of the deal here is how this appears to guests, including:

  • Deal Name
  • Description
  • Teaser
  • Header image

This is how a deal appears above the booking engine:


The next section deals with Deal Behaviour:

It is possible to have deals that don't change the rate. It's also possible to have deals which have a higher rate, which if you were offering a package e.g. including event tickets would be a reasonable thing to do.


You can have a deal "automatically selected" if it's appropriate that everyone meeting the criteria gets the deal.


You can also set special terms and conditions that apply to your deal, overruling the usual terms and conditions guests would agree to before booking.  

This section determines which guests quality for the deal. You can restrict who qualifies by:

  • Logged in Status
  • Promo Code
  • Whether they are using Single Rate or Normal Rate (or either)
  • Whether this applies to all room types (or you can select which one(s) it applies to
  • Minimum Nights Qualifying
  • Maximum Nights Qualifying
  • Whether a special Card is required (e.g. Membership Card if you are doing a deal for a group e.g. a Club)

The last section qualifies when a deal is available. It is easy to exclude days of the week (so you have target a deal to people e.g. staying on the weekend). If there are periods (like School or Public Holidays) that you don't want to have the deal apply to, these can also be easily excluded.


Save your deal when ready.


Please note that there are some times many ways a deal can be done. For example, if you wanted to offer a 2 nights for the price of one deal, for example, you can:

  • Adjust the rate down by 100%
  • Have the Adjustment apply from night 2. 
  • Set Minimum Nights to 2
  • Set Maximum Nights to 2 as well

Another way to achieve a similar thing would be to:

  • Adjust the rate down by 50%
  • Set Minimum Nights to 2

Noting that in this case a guest could book 3 (or more) nights and would end up paying half their usual rate.



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