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How to use Silverstripe CMS

1. First of all, login into silverstripe CMS by adding /admin behind your website url.

    For example -

    Now press the login button after entering your Username and Password as shown in screenshot below


2. After logged in you will see a page similar to screenshot below.


3. Click on this  to see all the existed pages.

4. Click on this area if you want to upload new images, Make sure you publish every single image you upload. To find out if the image is published or not, you could see a red dot on the top left corner of the image which means images is not published. see the screenshot below

a. To publish a single image you could just click on the image and a side bar will show up on right with      Saved and Publish button, Just click on publish button to publish the image.

b. To publish multiple images, Select all the images by ticking the bottom right corner of the image and click on the three dots on the bottom left corner of the page and publish the selected images.

5.  Click on this to add new reviews or delete the old ones.

6.  Please follow the instructions in image below to add/edit any content or images.


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