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Installing MS SQL Express 2019 for WebroomsSync

The following guide is to help you install and correctly configure MS SQL Express for WebroomsSync. Please note that if you wish to install WebroomsSync on is using Windows 8 or lower, please install MS SQL Express 2017 instead.

  1. Download MS SQL 2019 Express from here
  2. When given the options below, choose New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation



3) Accept Licence Terms and click next3_-_accept_terms.png

4) Choose the default feature set. It doesn't matter if the root directory is not the same as what you see below, and click Next


5) Set the Named Instance to WebroomsSyncInst and click Next5_-_Named_instance_WebroomsSyncInst.png

 6) Install Java

6_-_Install_Java.png7)Ensure both the SQL Server Database Engine and the SQL Server Browser are both set to Startup Type: Automatic, and Check Grant Perform Volume Maintenance Task Privilege to SQL Server Database Engine, then click Next. 7_-_SQL_Server_Browser_Automatic_and_Grant.png

8) Ensure Authentication Mode is set to "Mixed Mode".

  • Create an administrator (sa) password and make a note of this.
  • Create a user for the user that is mostly going to be logged into the system
  • Also make sure you add the Local System user (for Windows 10 this is: NT AUTHORITY\System for lower versions of Windows this is \LocalSystem) 8_-_Users.png

9) Accept Terms




10) Once the installation is complete, you will see the screen below. Ensure every Status is "Succeeded" and the click Close.10_-_Review_Success.png


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