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March 2020: Google Adwords campaign suspensions

We've learned of a number of incidents where Google Adwords campaigns are being suspended by Google Adwords.

This only affects customers using Google Adwords. Webrooms is functioning normally, and organic search results are unaffected.

The Google Adwords campaign system has misidentified part of our Webrooms booking engine (various assets in our CDN at as malware. Google acknowledge that this was an error in their systems. To resolve this issue, the Google Adwords team need to escalate the campaign for manual approval internally. Before they will do this, they may ask for a screenshot of the "Google Search Console" security page showing "no issues detected". A sample of this is below.

Steps for Resolution:

  1. If GuestTraction is your website provider, please contact us so we can provide you with this screenshot. If we are not your website provider, please contact your provider so they can get the screenshot.
  2. The campaign owner (possibly a 3rd party marketing company) must contact the Google Adwords support team, advising that the campaign has been suspended due to misidentified malware, and that you would like it to be escalated for manual review.
  3. Provide the "No Security Issues" screenshot to them when requested
  4. Await a positive outcome from Google's manual review team. This may take a few days.

Google have manually approved many of these campaigns now, and no legitimate security issue has been identified. We continue to work with Google to establish the reasons for this inconvenience, and anything that can be done to prevent recurrence.

Please contact us on if you require further guidance or information.




Update from Google Ads team 23 March:

I Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you have faced this issue on multiple accounts, Let me share that the ads are reviewed by our automated system and sometimes it is not possible for the system to make sure that these ads are 100% inline with the policies, as some policies require manual review.

However there are times, when due to to safety security reasons for both advertisers and users automated system flag your ads as disapproved under malicious and unwanted software policy.

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    Mike Wells

    Added an update we received from Google today. We will not pursue this any further unless new information comes to light.

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