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3 January 2020: Booking Delivery Issue

We are aware of an issue where bookings are not dropping through into Webrooms and as a result not being delivered to your PMS. This issue has been urgently looked into and we have found the problem. Siteminder are sending us some bookings with malformed XML. These bookings are not able to be processed into Webrooms and is causing a blockage of other bookings from dropping through that are correctly formatted. Currently we are flushing out the malformed XML bookings, bookings should then drop through as normal. Another update will be provided once booking delivery is back to normal.

Unfortunately due to the malformed XML bookings that have not come through will continue to not come through. Therefore, please enter any missing bookings manually to prevent double bookings. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We will also be contacting Siteminder with our findings to prevent this issue from happening again.

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    Suzanne Chen

    Just an update, Siteminder continues to send us some bookings with malformed XML. However, we are dealing with these as they come through and processing them so they do not block other bookings from dropping through. On your end there should be no issue as bookings should be dropping through as normal due to our workaround. We will be following up with Siteminder on Monday to come to a permanent solution.

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