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Publishing an updated app to the Play Store

1. Switch to the build variant for the app you want to publish in Android Studio, and test that it runs correctly on an emulator/device. 

2. Navigate to build.gradle, and bump the versionCode for the app you are publishing up by one (ie 46 -> 47). If you are creating a new release version for all the apps (ie. deploying a bugfix or feature for the first time), do a find and replace for the version name and bump that as well (ie 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1).

3. Select Build > Generate Signed Bundle/APK.

4. Select Android App Bundle, click Next.

5. Make sure the guestfolder-keystore.jks file is selected, with password 123456. Select the Key alias for the app you are publishing, and Key password 123456. Click next.

6. Select the Build Variant to release, you'll want to use the Release variant, not the debug one. Click Finish and Android studio will generate an .aab file for uploading to the Play Store. Take note of the Destination Folder of this file. 


7. Go to and sign in using the GuestTraction Support account (credentials are in the credentials document), and select the app you are updating.

8. Click the 'Manage' button in the Production section, then click 'Create Release'.

9. Drag and drop the App Bundle file created in Step 6 into the AAB's To Add section. Scroll down to the Release Name section, and add the versionName from the gradle file (e.g. 2.2.0). Scroll to Whats New section, and detail what features are new in this release. Unless there is something specific that you want to highlight, a generic 'Bugfixes and performance enhancements' usually does the trick. Make sure to add this for each language listed in the box.

10. Click the 'Review' button, and then review the changes made to the release. Then click Start Rollout To Production and the app will be sent for processing. Usually, it will start showing up in the Play Store around two hours later. 


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