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3 January 2019: Xtra Email Issue

UPDATE: This has been resolved.

We are currently experiencing a problem where some properties who use @xtra email are unable to send an email.

Properties are also unable to receive any emails from as they are being blocked by xtra, this includes and third party confirmation emails which are sent from

If you have @xtra mail please follow the below instructions in the meantime to add and to your address book so you have no problems sending or receiving emails from us: 

1. Login to using your xtra username and password 

2. Click on 'ADDRESS BOOK' across the top 

3. Click 'New' then 'Add Contact' 

4. Enter the below information: 

5. SAVE 

You should now be able to send and receive emails from (this includes third party confirmation emails)

We are working closely with Xtra support to resolve this issue and will keep any properties involved updated. 

Recommendation: We strongly recommend anyone using Xtra as their primary business email to immediately get a new mail system. Please contact us if you are interested in getting a new mail system set up. 



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