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Connecting Webrooms to Channel Manager/PMS

1. Login to

2. Go to the 'Connections' page 

3. Select your PMS Provider and Channel Manager from the list (if you do not have a PMS/Channel Manager select (Manual/None). Leave Online Check In Provider and Mobile Keys Provider Not Specified. 


5. The system will automatically recommend the preferred connection method to Webrooms 

6. Click 'Connect using...'

7. Click the link to our Help Center which will provide instructions on how to connect to your channel manager/PMS

8. Inventory Source Mapping Details and Connection Health should be sent to the appropriate PMS/Channel Manager 

NOTE: You will need to set up your room types first then proceed to connections 

9. Your channel manager/PMS will then advise when they have completed the connection to Welman Webrooms. Availability etc. will then be sent to Welman Webrooms automatically. 

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