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Required Webrooms content for use in GuestFolder


This content will populate from your properties channel management or PMS

This content is all controlled by GuestFolder

Booking History
This page will populate with reservation data

Room Types

  • Room Types and Rate Plans added
  • Descriptions of each room type
  • Images of each room type
  • Feature list of each room type
  • Total Capacities setup
  • Max Adults/Children/Infants setup
  • Terms Policies applied via Text Defaults (need to be created in System Settings/Term Policies first)

System Settings

Contact Details
Entire page needs to be completed with correct information

Property Description

  • Property Name
  • Your Hosts
  • Home Page URL
  • Reservation Email Address
  • Reservation Reply to Email Address

Booking Parameters

  • Maximum Unit Bookings
  • Minimum Stay Relaxation
  • Infant Cot Hire
  • Check In Times
  • Min Advance Warning
  • Last Time to Allow Booking
  • Maximum Advance Warning
  • Google Analytics codes for tracking

Customize Form
This page is optional if the property wishes to make changes to standard booking question process. You can add customized questions to guests or change what information is required to make a confirm reservation here.

Auto Emails
This page is prepopulated by information from System Settings pages. However it can be removed and completely edited at the properties discretion

New Terms Policies can be created here and ID used to apply it to room types via Room Types Text Defaults.

Booking Engine
This page is used to see a visual representation of the booking system via both desktop, tablet and mobile views

Use this page to establish your PMS/Channel Manager connection to Webrooms. Instructions will vary based on options selected

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