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Using the Worksheet to Update Availability, Rates, Minimum Stays, and More

1. Login to by using your username and password

2. Go to Worksheet Tab

3. The worksheet is just a way for you to display certain things such rates, availability and minimum stay etc , It has top row and bottom row to configure the value/numbers of rates, availability and minimum stay etc and you can change the top row and bottom row to anything according to your requirements. 

4. Top Row and bottom row can be adjusted by using dropdowns for example base rate can be moved to top row  as shown in screenshot below .

and click Go

5. You can either edit the top rows and bottom rows one by one or You can do the bulk update to edit multiple categories as shown in screenshots below.

6.  To do the bulk update you will have to select a row you want to update and click on Bulk Update green button as shown in screenshot below.

7. You can update the base rate or availability etc of all the rooms for All dates/certain dates in one go and you can also untick certain days of the week where you want the base rate unchanged and hit Apply. 

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