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How do I Connect a New Channel?


  1. The Channel Manager makes it easy to connect new booking channels at any time. This step-by-step guide provides an overview of the channel connection process.

To connect to a new booking channel:

  1. Click CHANNELS
  2. Click Connect New Channel in the upper-right of The Channel Manager
  3. Complete the five steps in the Channel Connection Wizard.

Channel Connection Wizard

Complete the five steps in the Channel Connection Wizard:

    1. Channel Selection - Select a channel from the Connect to Channel drop down list
    2. Channel Settings - Enter the required channels settings. Channel Settings may differ from channel to channel
    3. Currency - By default The Channel Manager will send rates using your Hotels Base Currency. If you require rates to be converted into a different currency, select a currency from the dropdown list
    4. Rate Multiplier (Optional) - Only enter a value here if the channel requires rate modification to handle tax/commissions. For more info see: About Rate Multipliers
    5. Summary - Review the details you have entered and click Finish
      Click the info icons, if you need help throughout the Connection Wizard

The channel will now appear as "Awaiting Setup" and you will receive a confirmation email from the support team confirming that your connection is being reviewed.

Channel Activation

Once the connection is activated you will be notified, and you can commence mapping your Room Rates to the channel. For more information see: Map a Room Rate to a Channel

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