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Editing existing content

  1. Hover over CMS Tools (top left) to reveal the menu. Click"Show Object Controls to display document editing menus.

  2. Content that you are able to edit will show a small menu hovering at the top-right of the document. Mouse over this menu and click on the spanner to Edit Object/Properties.

  3. Your document's object properties will pop up. Click the Edit This Object button at the top left.

  4. Now you can edit your content. When you are finished editing click the Save and Exit button.

    Note that there might be several different kinds of content on your website; from normal documents, to articles, contact forms and other interactive content. The most common is "Documents" which are freeform images and rich text.

  5. You will return to the Object properties window. to exit click Done. If you document has just been created you will need to set the content to go live; follow the instructions on how to make content live.

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