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Connections (Mapping) - Webrooms to a Channel Manager

Channel Surfer Connection Health

Hover for details, failed updates can be caused by the channel manager being down.


Channel Manager ID

This ID enables Webrooms to connect to the channel manager, if this is incorrect then everything will be down.


Maximum Days in Advance to Send Availability

The maximum number of days into the future to send availability to the channel manager. If the maximum days in advance to send availability is 365, then any bookings made that is over 365 days away will not be sent to the channel manager until later. 


Global Channel Surfer Mappings

The settings within global channel surfer mappings applies to all channels e.g. Agoda,

The channel manager ID is always the same as the channel manager name for room types, and this is then connected to a Webrooms room type.

What is ticked e.g. base rate, minimum stay is what information is sent from Webrooms to the channel manager. 

Rate adjustment allows us to increase the base rate by a certain percentage or absolute amount, this will then be applied across all channels. 

Stop sell on stop sell must be ticked if stop sell applies. 

Stop sell on min stay can be used if a channel does not allow min stays. Therefore, if there is a min stay set on a room type then this room type will not show up in channels that do not allow min stays. 


Channel Specific Channel Surfer Mappings

This is used for any channel specific mappings e.g. rate adjustments may be different for different channels 






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