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Assigning mobile keys to guests

Mobile keys may be assigned before or after a guest has registered a mobile device.

  1. Ensure the booking has all guests and rooms allocated as necessary.
  2. Find the booking, view the Booking Details. Beside "Keys", click "Assign..."
  3. All guests allocated to the booking will display, along with all devices they have registered, if any.

    Select an appropriate key type (Joiner/Master/If Present, or None) for each device the guest wishes to use as a key.

    The key start and expiry dates are pre-populated based on prior knowledge of the booking and/or guest indicated arrival times. Start and expiry may vary between guests.

    In the below example "Mike During" has two devices registered. "Mike Wells" has none; however the next device he uses to log in to the app may be allocated a key when that happens.

  4. Save. The key requests will be visible on the booking.
    Note that in this example "Mike During" has two keys to 103, because we elected to issue a key to both of his devices.
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