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Room Configuration

Individual rooms and common areas must be configured in Webrooms in order to correctly issue keys.

  1. Visit Webrooms -> Room Types -> Rooms
    From here you'll be able to add and edit rooms for keyless entry.

  2. Add a new room

    In most cases, the rooms will come directly from VisionLine. However they can be manually added as follows:

    Click "Add room..." and complete the fields.

    The room code must exactly match the corresponding room set up in VisionLine. The Room Name is what will be displayed to the Guest during key issuing and pre-check in.

    SortIndex is a convenience to determine the sorting of all rooms when they are output in list form.

    Ordinary rooms should generally be assigned to a Room Type, though this is optional.

    After saving, you may edit the room to associate it with other Common Rooms or Ordinary Rooms as appropriate.

  3. Configuring Common Rooms

    Common rooms are automatically included in the guest's access list when issuing keys to ordinary rooms.

    You must have at least one common room and at least one ordinary room to perform an attachment. You may perform the attachment from the context of the ordinary room or the common room, as convenient.

    a) Edit a room
    b) In the "Attach" field, begin typing the code or name of the room you wish to attach, and select the suggested room.

    c) Repeat for as many attachments as needed.

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