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Adding Property Images to the Photo Library

Images can be added to a property's Photo Library:

  • From System  Settings -> Property Description, Photo Gallery Section, Photo Library button or
  • From Room Types -> Describe button, Photo Library Button

Simply click on the "Select files" button to upload images to the library. The red x allows uploaded images to be removed from the library, the green + allows them to be selected in this particular context (which is the Property's Photo Gallery in the upper instance and a Room Types' Photo Gallery in the lower instance).


When an image is uploaded to Webrooms, we store it in a a global CDN to ensure where and whenever the image is needed it loads quickly and securely.


To get the Url for the image:

1) Right Click on the image and click on Inspect


2) Move your mouse to the "background image" under Styles. Right Click and then click Copy link address on this to copy the Url to your clipboard; in this case it is[220x120].jpg  

3) Double check the Url is correct by opening it in a new tab. 

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