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Adding an Event and Deal Exclusion (

1. Log into Webrooms via

2. Navigate to the ASURE tab at the top of the page

3. Select Content

4. You will arrive on the Events page, this will already have any previously added Events and Public Holidays. 

5. Select Add new Event on the right hand side

6. Select Category as "What's On"

7. Follow the on screen instructions for each part of the Event

8. Select Save to finish adding this Event

9. Find the Event on the Event List and select Edit to add the Exclusion

10. Scroll to the bottom of the Event and select Add New Exclusion

11. Choose "Universal ASURE Deals" to exclude ALL ASURE Promotion during this event and press Add

12. Select Save

13. All ASURE promotions are now disabled during this Event

Note: This needs to be done for each event you do not wish to allow guests to use the ASURE Deals and Promotions.

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