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How to connect to Strait

To connect your Strait PMS to Webrooms, simply set up the "Welman" sales channel as you would any other channel. From within Strait.PMS:

  • Click Agents -> Sales Channels
  • Find Welman/DutyMotel in the list, and select it
  • On the Setup Options tab:
    • Click "Use this Website"
    • Enter your UserName and Password into the boxes. Use the Property ID and Updates Password found in the 'Connections' page where you found the link to this article
    • Click the "Update" button
  • On the Room Mappings tab:
    • Select the Mapped Rooms and Rate Cards as appropriate, for each room type
    • When you are finished, hit the Update button (bottom right)
  • Strait.PMS will then begin syncing to Welman.
  • If you need assistance with this you can contact either or
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