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Webrooms Customers in Multiple Group Sites

A Webroom customer has Webroom on there own website but they can also connect to other sites such as a local accommodation provider group e.g. Napier Motels, and a national marketer e.g. Host Accommodation. If they are marketed on another website that supports Webrooms the website will have another tab within Webrooms that the customer can see when they log on. 

The customers Webroom on there own website drives any changes to the Webroom on any other sites. If any changes are made on the customers Webroom on there own website e.g. pricing, room types etc. this change will be reflected in the Webroom on other sites where the customer is marketed. 

A customer may also pay a fee to be a part of an accommodation group that provides additional services e.g. Accommodation NZ. This is a back-end function. Only members of the group are able to access these additional services. For example, Accommodation NZ through Welman's provides "On Duty" where all members in the group are able to search and see vacancy of other members in the group so they are able to easily refer customers if they have full vacancy (members of Accommodation NZ will see a tab for them when they log in to there Webrooms). 

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